Beyond the use of Restylane® dermal fillers to restore volume to your face, Restylane Skinboosters® offer a new type of injection for skin rejuvenation. Skinboosters improve skin smoothness, fine lines and elasticity by attracting water into skin from deeper tissues. This treatment is especially effective for restoring youthful skin texture to the lower face, neck and back of hands.

What should I expect?

Patients express that these injections cause very little pain and are well-tolerated. Skinboosters injections will show gradual improvement after a series of monthly injections. Maximum benefit will be evident after a few months, and the beneficial effects can be maintained with semi-annual injection schedules. Any cosmetic injection procedure can typically show mild bruises that are quick to resolve and easy to cover with makeup. We will plan this schedule as part of your cosmetic treatment package to achieve the most benefit for your glowing skin!

Common areas to treat: lower face, neck, decolletage

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Procedure Time:
1 hour
Recovery Time:
Generally no downtime
14 days. Peak onset 4-8 weeks

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