Chemical Skin Peels

✓ Skin texture & tone
✓ Acne
✓ Collagen production
✓ Blemishes
✓ Pigmentation
✓ Large pores
✓ Fine lines

Chemical peels work by exfoliating the skin surface. We create customized peel recipes to penetrate the outer layer of your skin, promoting cell turnover. Through this process, you will achieve brighter, healthier skin. This procedure improves skin texture, fine lines, pigmentation, large pores, blemishes and acne. Peels are wonderful to prepare your skin for our other laser and microneedling procedures, and they also provide an effective method to maintain your skin health long term.

What should I expect?

During the treatment, you may briefly experience tingling sensations to your skin, which typically resolves within a few minutes. Mild redness and light peeling of your skin can occur a few days after the treatment.

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Procedure Time:
30 mins
Recovery Time:
24 hours
Immediately. Up to 4 weeks.

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