Dr. Brandon Howell has always had an interest in science, medicine and helping others.

As a teenager, he volunteered his time in nursing homes and at the CNIB, providing Musical Therapy as a musician.  These early experiences kindled the love of helping others and led him on the path to medicine.

In 1999, Dr. Howell completed his Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry at McMaster University, having successfully juggled his academic and volunteer hours in a hospital emergency room and kidney dialysis unit.  He developed his expertise in molecular and cell biology with an undergraduate thesis establishing vaccine models for treatment of HIV.

Following his time at McMaster, Dr. Howell was accepted into graduate school at the University of Toronto in the esteemed Department of Medical Biophysics.  He spent 2 years researching skin cancer, collaborating with other academics, and publishing his findings in prominent medical journals.  He received many research grants, fellowship awards and scholarships for his efforts.  He was granted his Master of Science degree in 2001 being one of the first researchers in Canada to publish gene expression data for skin cancer using DNA microarrays.

Dr. Howell was immediately invited to continue his research at the famous Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.  As the Department of Dermatology’s new Research Associate, he spearheaded a research laboratory to study gene expression mechanisms associated with malignant and autoimmune skin disorders including psoriasis.  His findings and collaborations were again published.

In 2002, Dr. Howell was accepted into the School of Medicine at the University of Toronto and returned to Canada.   While studying, he regularly organized Blood Donor Clinics and volunteered in the kitchen of the “Out of the Cold” program for the homeless.  He was co-president of his class, and co-valedictorian at graduation.  He received awards for Honours and Extracurricular Leadership.

Dr. Howell explored many facets of medicine throughout his schooling, but kept returning to his love of dermatology.  Dermatology requires a unique breadth of knowledge and expertise, from internal medicine, infectious and tropical disease, oncology, autoimmune disorders and pediatrics.  It is also a rare specialty involving skills in medical, surgical and cosmetic medicine.  With all of his documented achievements, Dr. Howell was fortunate to be accepted into the University of Toronto’s Dermatology Residency Program in 2006.  There were only 7 training spots available in all of Canada at that time for this highly competitive specialty.

During his residency, Dr. Howell received an award for Top Dermatology Resident Research Project, and was chosen as Chief Resident in his final year.  He also published clinical research at the Hospital for Sick Children.  Dr. Howell graduated in 2011, and has been a Fully Board-Certified Dermatologist in the beautiful City of Guelph for 8 years.  Guelph has proven to be a wonderful community to both work and raise a family in.  Dr. Howell is very thankful for the amazing mentors he has had, the opportunities that have led him to Guelph, and the education that has enabled him to help his patients.  Over the course of his dermatology career, the requests of patients have branched into the cosmetic realm.  To meet these demands of the population, Dr. Howell developed an important partnership with Daniella Iacobelli, a skilled nurse practitioner.  Together at the modern Chancellors Way Medical Arts Centre, they have developed a Dermatology, Aesthetics and Laser practice.  They are licensed and trained professionals, able to offer the full spectrum of medical, surgical and cosmetic skin care.

Dr. Howell is dedicated to help you achieve your goals with your skin–whether it be medical or cosmetic.  We look forward to meeting you.

Welcome to the practice!